By Tyler Noble and Willie Willis

The Visigoths were one of the two offshoots of the Goths that seperated in the 4th century CE. They were a barbaric tribe who plundered and wandered Europe until the early eighth century when they were absorbed by the Moorish invasion of Spain. As they were a raiding people, their greatest achievement could be considered the Sacking of Rome in 410 CE. This event contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire as well as earning the Visigoths a lot of loot. But despite this victory, the Visigoths were still discriminated and mistreated by the Empire, who saw them as inferior to the Roman people. They drifted violently through Europe, fighting for a chance at civilizations in Gaul and Spain that were crushed respectively.

The Rise of the Visigoths by Willie Willis

The Fall of the Visigoths by Tyler Noble

The Visigoths had setteld in spain after their attack.

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by Tyler Noble

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