agriculture and economy
  • the Persian economy was based mainly on tributes from concurred kingdoms
  • but also they did lots of trade all over the world which is the reason that many words in the english are originally Persian, examples are: bazaar, shawl, sash, turquoise, tiara, orange, lemon, melon, peach, spinach, and asparagus
  • Darius was the one who really revolutionized the economy through his introduction of gold and silver coins
  • Darius was also the first to come up with a working and mutually benafial tax system
  • this again is an example of the persions insights into science and mechanics
  • they developed many complex and genius ways of getting water from there generally barren land by using mechanics to get it from under ground and then disstribute it into there fields
    • some examples are as follows
    • one of my favorites is this contraction that has this revolving contratption that using balloons to dip into the underground water and then float it back up and poured into half tubes that move the water through the fields (science centre)
    • they have many systems that use gears and contraptions to do the same thing as well (science centre)
    • they also built underground canals that sometimes spanned several kilometers long
  • even though they had genius irrigation systems which were needed because of the bad farmland they had much of there economy depended on cattle because of said bad land

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