Ancient Mayan Civilization
Approximatly 1500 B.C.E - 1500 A.D
By: Grace Gibson & Merle Dumka- Featherby
Mentor: Marika
Integrated Project 2009

The ancient Mayan civilization is one the most well- known in the world, however there are many basic misconceptions. One of the most common is that the Mayan civilization was one group of people; in reality, the Mayan civilization was made up of dozens of different tribes and cities, each having their own dialects and religions. They were many aspects in common, such as the rituals and the bases of their language, but the Mayan civilization was more like the Greeks’ city states. The Mayan civilization was spread over thousands of miles, from the modern Mexican province of Yucatan to Honduras in South America. The Mayans were very scientifically and mathematically advanced, particularly in astronomy. They are also recognized for their intricate art, weavings, architecture, written language, and apocalyptic prophecies.

Mayan Timeline
The Rise of the Maya - the Early Years

The Decline of The Maya - the Later Years

"Pyramid of Consciousness" [1]

Tzolkin: 260 Day Ritual Calendar [2]

Map of Mayan Cities [3]

Map of Classic and Post- Classic Period Mayan Cities [4]

[1]Pyramid of consciousness