Gupta Empire India

By : Guinevere Thomas-Clifford & Jane Bickford-Gewarter

Mentor: Marika Kungla

Map of the Gupta Empires
Map of the Gupta Empires

The Gupta Empire was what is known as a classical civilization. It is considered to have been a great power by historians, alongside the Han dynasty and Rome. At its height, the Gupta empire spanned across Northern India from Ganges Delta to the Indus River and the Arabian Sea. Its unique government (valuing freedom and peace) enabled the prosperity of philosophy, religion, science, astronomy, and the arts. In turn, these saw great advances and achievements during this time.

Rise of the peoples -The Early Years

Fall of the peoples - The Later Years

Map of the extent of Gupta rule (most of the Indian subcontinent)

A "classic" style Gupta sculpture.

Gupta art was very influencial to the art of north Indian kingdoms in later periods, as well as in other parts of India and in countries of South and Southeast Asia.