Art and Literature

The ancient Egyptians had a wide spread of different art forms that were represented by paintings, crafts, architecture, sculptures, hieroglyphs, pottery, and literature. The Egyptians used symbolism in their art. The art work done was intended as entertainment for the passed away in the “other world”.

Colours were used to show different meanings. Red skin was the representation of a man in his youth working in the sun all day, while yellow skin was the colour of women or men that worked indoors; blue or gold showed divinity or something of worth because the colours were rare and lastly black expressed the fertility of the Nile and royal figures.

Sculptures: The Egyptians created sculptures to represent the physical forms of their gods, kings, queens, and pharaoh. These statues were also made to give eternal life to the kings and queens of the time period.

external image 503099-med.jpg
King Mycerinus and Wife

Pottery: Steatite and enamel were used to make the pottery of these peoples. The pottery had animals, images of deities, and many other pictures. Pottery items were also put in tombs of the dead.
external image vasepottery.jpg